Sunday, 30 September 2012

My Brother's Interesting Fantasy Story

Ok fellow foodies , so this is my little brothers blog, i promised i ll give him a shout out since he helps me so much the pictures of all the yummy food i cook for my blog. So here you have it

When she was young, her sister got murdered in playground of their neighborhood by some unknown being. Her sister is trapped in a state of limbo , suffering. Leil decides to risk her own life to save her sisters soul, going into the forest of Nehrgonar to find the mythical gate to the spirit world. Her journey is not easy, as the gate releases negative energy that corrupts anything and everything close to it.Some will mislead,lie and try to kill her others will prove to be helpful.


ts a weird, twisted world but Leil is determined .

Check out the blog :

You will find full chapters, original character descriptions, images/painting, an original theme song and previews of upcoming work for the story.

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