Sunday, 23 September 2012

Yummy Easy Panacotta

First thing i made today was a beautiful vanilla panacotta with a candied blackberry cherry liqueur sauce :

Ingredients :

3 packets of powdered gelatin

500 ml of fresh cream

500 ml of milk

3 spoons of caster sugar

2 vanilla pods sliced and de seeded

Instructions : Bring milk,cream,sugar and vanilla seeds and pods to a simmer. Remove the vanilla pods and then add the gelatin after having first mixed it up with a couple of spoons of warm water. After gelatin has dissolved let it cool down and then place into appropriate cups and shove them in the fridge for a good 2 hours.

For the sauce you can just go wild, i used blackberries and cherry liqueur and added some lemon for a nice bit of tartness . Basically you take loads of sugar and add it to a pan with hot water and after the sugar properly dissolves add your choice of fruit and maybe some liqueur ( if you dont want the sauce too sweet just add some fresh lemon juice to it ) and voila!, you ve got your sauce. The trick with the sauce is to add your fruit as early as possible to the mixture so that it caramelizes and takes this nearly candy-like flavour. Enjoy :)

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