Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Break for Dominos-Enjoy a quick music video

Have to apologize for today since i didnt really cook anything myself. After a long day at uni i literally did not have the energy to cook something fresh and since it was tuesday my food cravings gave into the easy solution of a dominos quick dial up pizza but i ll leave you with a music video i made for one of Lana del Rey's unreleased songs . I hope this satisfies some of your food cravings till tomorrow where im thinking of either cooking up some pork chops in peppercorn sauce on a bed of basmati rice or stuffing and roasting a whole chicken. Also lucky me will be visiting the hunterian museum at glasgow uni for a food exhibition they just launched! yay! :)  

Lana Del Rey - Put The Radio On Stop Motion Music video from Alex Cleary on Vimeo.

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