Monday, 1 October 2012

Delicious Home Made BBQ Ribs and Sweet Potato Mash

Okay fellow foodies, this is definitely one of my all time favourites which i only came up with last week. Basically its a delicious and affordable way to make BBQ ribs at home and with only the use of your oven. Basically any store bought ribs will do(they cost anywhere between 2-4 pounds), and they are one of the cheapest cuts of meat due to the big amount of bones that comes with it but if done right its one of the most succulent parts of the animal you can get your hands on. Basically you take your ribs and place the in a tray with a drizzle of olive oil and any mixture of your favourite spices (i used just plain old salt and black pepper for mine) and you let the ribs cook on their own on really high heat (gas mark 7) over a time period of 35 minutes making sure you flip the ribs over half way through.  Ribs are known to create quite a lot of fat so at some point you are going to want to drain them of their juices , but keep that goodness in a cup so that you can use it later for the bbq sauce. Once the ribs are almost cooked its time to get that BBQ sauce on 'em. For my BBQ sauce i took some leftover reggae reggae sauce and mixed it with some store bought bbq sauce which i m pretty sure it was meant to be used as a nacho dip and mixed those with some finely cut red chillies and some of that rib meat juice i saved from earlier. Cover your ribs with that special sauce and let them cook for approximately another 10-15 minutes , so that they can absorb all of that goodness. Those ribs go great with the sweet potato mash which is really simple to make. Just peel your sweet potatoes , boil them till they re so soft that they only need a gentle squeeze to turn into mash, and then just mash em up using some cream and butter. Dont forget to add some salt and plenty of black pepper  top it all off . Please comment, subscribe and rate my dish from 1-5 starts *****.Happy cooking! 


  1. re they look delicious jai pino gamota :p

  2. Mmmm, I'll take the sweet potato mash please! I'll have to pass on the ribs (vegetarian). Oooh, and I am definitely not preaching, but veggie food is way cheaper to cook ;-)
    Good luck with your blog!
    Pig x