Sunday, 23 September 2012

Home-made (fresh or cheaply frozen)Shrimp Cocktail

If you ever get the chance to get your hands on some cheap price-knocked-down frozen or fresh prawns then you can do loads with ‘em . For example i boiled them for about 5-10 minutes in a broth of vegetable stock,chilli flakes, half a lemon,plenty of salt and a whole garlic clover. I then shocked them in a bowl with ice to help them cool down and also make their shell peel off a lot easier and made a wonderful shrimp cocktail on a bed of sliced avocado ,finally chopped lettuce and tomato with a sauce that was a mixture of tomato ketchup, mayonnaise and lemon and there you have a simple but hella yummy dish :) With the left over broth that they were cooked in you can make an awesome tasting fish soup if you check out my other post all about it

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