Alex's and Jana's Combined Broke Student Culinary Powers

Recipe #1

Eggs Benedict: Simple delicious breakfast and a hollandaise sauce you ll want to lick the bowl clean

For the sauce you ll need three beaten egg yolks which should be constantly whisked in a bowl over a simmering pot of water  which should be accompanied by slowly adding about 200 gr of melted butter till the mixture starts to thicken and take a creamy texture. For flavour you can add a tablespoon of lemon and some ground pepper.

The technique for poached eggs was carefully shown to me today by my good friend Jana , which added a couple of drops of vinegar to some lightly simmering water which was stirred enough to create a small whirlpool and later on slowly adding the eggs into the "concoction" till the egg yolk is enveloped by the egg white and then you give the egg 2-3 minutes so that it can cook . The perfect egg has a beautiful runny yolk.

For the perfect eggs Benedict just add the poached eggs on a slightly toasted english breakfast roll with a slice of ham on top and the just add the sauce to top it all of . To any potential egg haters this recipe will make you fall in love with eggs and to all the egg lovers ,well lets just say this recipe will make your relationship with eggs a little bit more passionate . Do i hear foodgasms?

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